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Training courses

CelAgrid has been organized several training courses for government, NGOs and project staff from 2003-2006 and the detail of course topics, number of participants and institutions are listed below.

Training courses and demonstration organized by CelAgrid from 2003-2006


Training/DEMO participants


√  Research and On-Farm Trial     Methodologies
√  Community Development Approach and     Methodologies
√  Monitoring and Evaluation and Report     Writing
√  Farmer Field School Methodologies and     Approach
√  Extension Approach and Mathodologies.

√  Integrated Farming system methodologies
√  Local feed resources for livestock feeding
√  Fattening pigs and feed formulation
√  Sow and piglets management and feeding
√  Hen and chicks management and feeding     and diseases control
√  Using cassava leave silage for cattle and     goat feeding.
√  Production, preservation and
    de-toxicification methods local feed     resources such as cassava leaves and     roots, soybean grains, small fish and fish     trash, sweet potato, taro, water hyacinth,     duckweed.
√  Earthworms' production and utilization.
√  Renewable energy (biodigester and     gasification)
√  Protein feed blocks
√  Village Animal Health Workers (VAHW)
√  Small-scale aquaculture

√  480 pilot farmers of 16 villages in     Phnom Kravanh district, Pursat
√  360 pilot farmers of 12 villages in     Treang and Kandal Stung districts
     from     Kandal and Takeo provinces
√  15 pilot farmers and staff from Hellen     Keller International
√  43 farmer leaders and staff from     CEDAC.
√  28 farmer leaders and staff from
√  75 government staff under
     MAFF/APIP/     IFAD/WB project
√  25 staff from ADESS project in four     North-Western provinces of Cambodia
    and staff of CBRDP in Kampot and     Kampong Thom.
√  25-30 staff from 16 NGO partners of     Heifer International Cambodia annual     train at CelAgrid
√  150 MAFF extension workers from 13     provinces under Cambodian Australian     Agriculture Extension Project (CAAEP)     and IFAD project.
√  65 farmers in Tramkak, Takeo and     Phnom Srouch and Thpong districts,     Kampong Speu (EC-SLPP).
√  71 extension workers and ADDA staff
    in  Siem Reap.

1- Aug, 2005-October 2006: The Cambodian Australian Agricultural Extension Project Phase 2 “CAAEP” with financial support from AUSAID contracted Dr. Khieu Borin on behalf of CelAgrid as Subject Matter Specialist to train more 150 extension workers in its 13 target provinces in Cambodia . The training was provided linked with the farm demonstration on sow feeding and management and village hen and chicks feeding and management.

2- August 2006: CEDAC contracted CelAgrid to organize training for their staff Small-holder Agricultural Innovation and On-farm Trial aiming at learning techniques of small-holder agriculture innovation, understanding more on-farm experimental design and implementation and understanding to conduct on-farm trials with farmers in term of organization, monitoring, data recording and analysis. It was expected that after the training, participants can apply the knowledge in the target areas where they are implementing the project to help small-holders to alleviate their poverty. A total of 13 CEDAC staff from Kampong Thom province participated in the course.

3- July 2006: Training on Protein Feed Block for Ruminant aiming at introducing the protein feed block formulation by American Soybean Association (ASA). It was expected that after the course participants are able to extend the knowledge gained from the course to the target sites where the project is implementing. The course participated by government officers from the Department of Animal Production, Heifer Cambodia and her partners, and private company.

4- June 2006: Through the project supported by CIDA financed Food Security Initiative Fund, CelAgrid organized a training for Community Leaders of the target villages of Phnom Kravanh district, Pursat on Community Management, Self Help group, Heifer International – Cambodia Cornerstones model, and bookkeeping. CelAgrid has implementing food security project in Phnom Kravanh since July 2005 and in each target community a Community Organization was formed and it is therefore important to strengthen the capacity of community leaders to management resources which has been provided through the project. It was expected that after the course, they can manage the target villages more effectively.

5- May-June 2006: Refresher training for Village Animal Health Workers was conducted at CelAgrid with the participation 16 participants. The 16 VAHWs were from the 16 CelAgrid targeting communities in Phnom Kravanh district, Pursat province. They had the course on animal health such as diseases control and prevention and the Pathogenic Avian Influenza at the Office of Agriculture in Phnom Kravanh and additional training on animal management and feed such as cows, pigs and chickens was organized at CelAgrid. All participants were accommodated at CelAgrid.

Village Animal Health Worker Training organized at the Phnom Kravanh Agricultural Office

Training and cross visit for community leaders from Phnom Kravanh, Pursat

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