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Community Development in Takeo province

In Takeo, so far CelAgrid is working with 5 communities in Sang Long commune, Treang district with a total of 150 families however due to shortage of projects' budget, inputs are given to approximately 50% of the original community members and it is expected with the POG other community members and other villagers also receive inputs. Two projects supported by Heifer International – Cambodia started in 2004 in Sang Long commune with the aims of (i) improving families' nutrition and income, (ii) developing practical skills of integrated farming system, (iii) enhancing animal health services, and (iv) reducing workload of women and children on firewood collection.

The beneficiaries firstly received the piglets (2 each) and biodigesters (1 unit each) and all participating families received vegetable and forage seeds and seedlings. In the same communities CelAgrid started On Farm trial which supported by CIAT. The purpose of trial was to improve pig feeding and management. Ten families participated and they received two piglets each to evaluate cassava leaf silage and water spinach as main protein source.

Increase income from vegetable production fertilizing with effluent from biodigester

Improve farmer knowledge on sow and piglets production

In 2005, Heifer Cambodia financed other project to expand CelAgrid activities to other villages in the same commune. This project is aiming at (i) improving animal health service, families' food security and income particularly women headed households, (ii) increasing the people's knowledge on animal health management, (iv) strengthening women's capacity in leadership, and (v) developing the village's resource base by the end of the project. Three new communities (Angtaphoke, Krang Thnot, and Ponley) were established to join with the 2 existing communities. Seventy four new families benefited from this project of which 60 heifers were distributed; 13 for Sras Takoun, 14 for Louk, 13 for Angtaphoke, 10 for Krang Thnot and 10 for Ponley.

Demonstration on improvement of cattle feed suing cassava hay

A widow in Sras Takoun village received a heifer from the Heifer International – Cambodia project

In 2006, the FAO Telefood project “integration on pigs-biogas-vegetable-fish” started with a total of 30 families from 5 communities (10 for Krom, 1 for Louk, 6 for Ang Taphouk, 9 for Sras Takoun, and 4 for Krang Thnot). Each participating family received 2 piglets, 1 unit of biodigester, 1 fish pond and vegetable seeds.

Passing on the Gift

Original beneficiaries have become the donors where they have shred inputs to new community members. Eighteen new families received piglets (2 each) (11 in Sras Takoun and 7 in Louk) (Figure 1). Other new members are expected to receive heifers in 2007 as 11 cows (2 in Sras Takoun, 4 in Louk, 2 in Angtaphoke, 1 in Krang Thnot and 2 in Ponley) are pregnant.

Figure 1: Families received the pigs.

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