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Small Scale Aquaculture

Although it is not one of strengths of CelAgrid on aquaculture component due to the lack of specialists, a small unit of 14 fish ponds was made in 2003 with the purpose for research activities. These small fish ponds were built under the research supported by CARF and at present they are used for breeding purpose. All fish ponds are lined at bottom with plastic sheet to reduce filtration particular during dry season. The research result has been successfully adopted by farmers through project supported by CIDA/FSIF and is now taken by the Commune Councils in Phnom Kravanh district, Pursat. The technology is now applied in Sang Long commune, Takeo province with the support from FAO Telefood project. One large fish pond (15 x 5 m) was made in 2002 to get soil to fill in land for office building. The pond is at present used for watering crops during the dry season and at the same time, a mixture of fishes such as pangasus, tilapia and wild fish.



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