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Ruminants production

Two pens were built for cattle in 2003 and goat in 2004. The cattle remained from Cambodian Agricultural Research Fund in 2002 and they are mainly kept for breeding however, CelAgrid has a plan to sell them and buy heifer for other experiment approved MEKARN 2006. Up to now the number of cattle is 19; 16 cows and 3 calves. They are fed mainly rice straw, cassava leaves and elephant grass. In addition they are also supplemented with minerals block. The manure of these cattle becomes important as source of fertilizer for the 4 ha of land and it is also loaded into biodigester for methane production and used it electricity engine and for cooking. Under the PhD, Ms. Seng Sokerya uses 26 goats for her experiment. The purpose of the experiment is to look into the effect of cassava on gastrointestinal parasite in goats. CelAgrid also has a plan in 2007 to introduce this technology into target communities in Pursat and Takeo provinces.

Cattle experimental unit

Rice straw treated with urea

Cassava leaf silage


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