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Pigs production

Four pig houses were built up in 2003, 2005 and 2006 for research purpose however at present some of them are used for sows and fattening pigs. At present there are 257 heads; 2 bars, 19 pregnant sows, 5 dried sows, 5 lactation sows, 226 growing pigs. Beside in 2006, 60 piglets were sold to FAO Telefood project in Takeo. Excluding pigs under experiments, they are fed on home-made feed using soybean, fishmeal, broken rice, rice bran and brewery spend grant. In addition they are supplemented with water spinach as protein source and vitamins and minerals. At the original breeds at the Eco-Farm were local and pure breeds bought from the commercial farms in Kandal province however, CelAgrid produces crossbreed which is more suitable for farmers in Cambodia .

Crossbreed pigs for fattening at Eco-Farm

Crossbreed sow crossed with pure exotic boar


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